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Newly developed sizing software for Aquatrol Valves
PRV VALVE SIZING and SELECTION  (Contact Aquatrol for more information)

A sizing solution that enables the user to input process variables such as required relief capacity, pressure, fluid and temperature. Then select from a list of Aquatrol valves that satisfy those requirements and showing the user a part number for ordering.
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SERIES 140 – Our NEW mini-series 140 is now ASME approved. We offer 2 orifice sizes with connections to 3/4”. Pressures are to 450 PSI for air and inert gases. While a smaller sized product, the valve is designed to uphold the most rugged of applications. Available in either brass/bronze or 100% stainless steel.

FLANGE CONNECTIONS – The 740 Series is now available with lap-joint flange connections and includes the option of custom center to face dimensions. For carbon or stainless steel valves only. 742 or 743. Learn more about flanged products.

TRI-CLAMP INLET – Available. Standard finish is Ra .23 with options for further polishing. The tri-clamp nozzle design is in conjunction with highly finished investment castings, designed for clean service environments

CRYOGENIC – The Aquatrol Series 89 and 740 is available for cryogenic applications. Standard with PTFE seating and O2 cleaning and packaging (as an option).


BSPT threading – API 527 seating – Test gags – No / lead – O2 cleaning – Addition of inlet x outlet choices – Female x Female connections – Many others.

See each individual valve for available choices.


PED / CE – Series 560, 740 are CE approved for all services. See each valve for details

ASME – Higher set pressures for most valve lines. See each valve for details

ISO 9001:2015 As applicable to CE and the pressure relief valve industry

Available Options:

This is just a partial listing of options for our valves.
See individual valve lines for options available.

Specialty Items:

For specials or options not listed,
Please contact Aquatrol.